13 ways to speed up your metabolism
  1. Get up and go

    It’s an obvious one, but getting fit and exercising regularly is the best way of speeding up your metabolism. Fittingly enough, the more active you are the better your body will become at burning off calories.

    Aim to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, ideally in high-energy 10 minute bursts. This could be anything from a run in the park to a brisk walk round the block. Even taking the stairs instead of the lift could help make a difference. The effects of increasing your heart rate can stay with you for up to 4 hours afterwards too.

  2. Have a coffee

    Drinking too much caffeine isn’t too good for us but studies show that having a couple of cups of tea and coffee a day can actually help speed up our metabolism. As caffeine makes our body burn more fat for energy, it’s thought that having a cuppa before an exercise class can improve how much energy we burn off in our workout.

  3. Be a fidgeter

    If you’re one of those people who just can’t sit still, you may be surprised to hear that your fidgeting habit could be helping your metabolism.  These involuntary fidgeting actions, which include shivering and altering your posture, all help burn up energy faster than someone who sits still.

  4. Spice it up

    Adding an extra dash of chilli to your meals or indulging in the odd curry could help raise your metabolism by up to 50 per cent for about three hours after eating as the heat speeds up your heart rate. Go for foods which still have fewer calorie and low fat content for the best results though and pick homemade spicy dishes over takeaways or ready meals.

  5. Avoid yo-yo diets

    When you diet, your body will often start to slow down its workings to try and save as much energy as possible. Instead of suddenly slashing what you eat, the solution is to eat regularly and sensibly, cutting down on fatty foods whilst making sure you’re not going hungry.

  6. Keep it cool

    Dealing with the cold can help give your metabolism a real kick so try to avoid overheating your house. Don’t let yourself get a chill though and make sure you still wrap up warm on cold days outside but don’t be afraid of taking yourself to the breezy outdoors or turning the shower to a quick cold blast to wake you up in the morning, but only if you are fit and well.

    Sipping an ice cold glass of water or just popping a few ice cubes in your drink can also get your metabolism going faster.

  7. Eat little and often

    Having regular, smaller meals throughout the day helps keep your digestive system and so your metabolism ticking over. If you’re used to three big meals a day, try cutting down your portions and then snacking on nuts, rye breads or fruit in between.

  8. Have breakfast

    Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day when it comes to kick-starting your metabolism. Whether you like cereal, porridge or something else entirely, having breakfast tells your body that you are awake and ready to start burning fat. If you’re struggling for tasty breakfast ideas, we’ve got lots of suggestions here.

  9. Keep hydrated

    Drinking plenty of water helps rid your body of toxins and gives you the all important energy to boost your metabolism. Start your day by filling up a two litre bottle of water and make it your aim to finish it by the end of the day.

  10. Have a good night’s sleep

    Sleeping well lets your metabolism recharge so that it’s raring to go when you wake. Try and make sure you get a full night’s sleep that leaves you feeling rested every night. Switching off computers and phones well before bed and keeping your bedroom cool can all help you get a better night’s kip. Take a look at our 6 steps to a good night's rest

  11. Love to laugh

    Just 10 minutes of laughing a day can help burn off energy so switch on your favourite comedian or call up friends that will make you smile for an instant boost to your metabolism.

  12. Do some gardening

     Muscle burns more calories than fat so doing activites that help build your muscle will help you speed up your metabolism and lose weight. You don't need to take up weight lifting to do this; just doing some gardening or anything that involves pulling, pushing and stretching your muscles works brilliantly.

  13. Soak up some sunshine

    The bright light of the sunshine is a great easy way of brightening up your metabolism. Try and go for a walk in the morning when the sun is at its brightest or if you’re squeezed on time simply sit in a sunny light room while you’re eating breakfast or lunch.

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