Ask our feel younger expert: How to start exercising?

Ask our feel younger expert: How to start exercising?

Julie says: Firstly do check with your GP incase there are any exercises you should avoid. Then the key is to start slowly and gradually progress - just 10 minutes twice a day will help.

If possible try to increase the amount of time you spend walking every day and if you find this difficult then start with chair-based exercises instead. See if there’s an EXTEND movement to music class near you. Visit to find out more.

Find something you enjoy and get a friend to join you whether it’s aqua aerobics (great for resistance without strain on your joints), Tai Chi (great for balance) or just following an exercise DVD together at home (you’re more likely to stick with it if you encourage each other).

As you get stronger you will have more energy and be able to do more physical activity in your everyday life, which will also help you to lose weight. Good luck!