Ask our feel younger expert: How to improve your balance

Ask our feel younger expert: How to improve your balance

Julie says: Ask your GP about a referral to a specialist falls clinic, where you can find out what might be causing them. They will give you a programme of exercises to help improve your balance and probably suggest you attend classes.

You need to improve your strength before you can try to balance, so do some resistance exercises such as stepping up and down on the bottom step of the stairs (holding the rail for support) and getting up and down from your chair.

  • Stand at the sink with your feet hip-width apart and hold on for support, then raise your heels up slightly off the floor and hold for a few seconds.
  • Lower your heels slowly and repeat up to 10 times – this will strengthen your calf muscles.
  • You can gradually let go of the sink with one or both hands for a few seconds until you feel you can hold the position safely.

NHS Choices ( has a selection of balance exercises, such as the heel-to-toe walk and one-leg stand, just make sure you use a chair or wall for support at first.

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