Why people are being encouraged to pick THESE flowers

Why people are being encouraged to pick THESE flowers

After always believing it was wrong to pick wildflowers from public places, conservation charity Plantlife say these 12 plants are not just to be admired from a distance and are okay to pick and take home. 

Amongst the list of 12 flowers are dandelions, primroses, daisies and the plans have been announced ahead of the Great British Wildflower Hunt which is designed to get more people out into the outdoors. The scheme is aiming to get more younger people interested in gardening and nature. 


Marian Spain, chief executive of Plantlife International, told BBC Radio 4: "We are saying something unusual but actually as a nation we’re facing an even bigger risk that our children have less and less contact with wildlife.

"We think that if we say to children “you can’t touch flowers, you can’t pick them” we turn them off."

However, there are many opposed to the plans including beekeepers who fear picking wildflowers could destroy the environment and affect nature. 

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