Who deserves your vote?

Who deserves your vote?

With the General Election set for May 2015, how will you decide who deserves your vote?

At the moment all the political parties are actively trying to attract older voters because they know we have the power to swing the election in their favour. Not only are there more of us as a percentage of the
UK population, but older people are also much more likely to actually
vote (at the last General Election only 62 per cent of those aged 18-24 voted, compared with 89 per cent of those aged over 65*).

More than ever before we over-50s have the power to hold politicians to account and call on them to address our concerns. So let’s take this opportunity to find out what the main political parties are promising to do about the things we’re worried about.

At the last General Election only 62 per cent of those aged 18-24 voted, compared with 89 per cent of those aged over 65*

*Society at a Glance 2011, OECD, 2011

We want you to tell us the issues you’d really like politicians to focus on in the run up to the next election – then we’ll ask all the main parties to tell us where they stand on each of your concerns.

Much of what you’ll read in the media will be about how policies will affect the ‘average’ person – this is your chance to find out how policies will affect you. Below we’ve listed some question suggestions:

  • How will you ensure that older people are better served by
    the NHS?
  • Will carers be given the support they so desperately need and will Carers’ Allowance be paid alongside the state pension?
  • Are so-called ‘pensioner perks’ such as bus passes, free television licences and Winter Fuel payments under threat?
  • What’s the outlook for the state pension – how will you ensure it keeps up with inflation?
  • How will social care be funded
    in the future?
  • What action are you planning to take to combat loneliness?
  • Or is there something you think is more important?

Write to: Yours Election Questions, Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough PE2 6EA. Or email yours@bauermedia.co.uk with ‘Election Questions’ in the subject line.

We’ll collate all the letters and decide the three key concerns (those shared by the most readers) and put those to each of the main political parties. We’ll feature their answers in the run up to the election so you can make up your mind who deserves your vote.

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