Tell your story and bridge the generation gap

Tell your story and bridge the generation gap

Do your grandchildren know anything about your life in the years before they were born?

Recent research by charity Anchor has found that one third of children asked didn't know what their grandparents once did for a living. Almost 40 per cent were also in the dark about where older relatives had grown up.

In response to these startling statistics, Anchor has partnered up with Bernard Cribbins to launch the Life Histories campaign. The aim is to to help children learn about older people's lives - with 15, 000 specially designed learning packs already distributed to headteachers throughout the country.

The Life Histories campaign also would like you to tell your story, or even better, encourage somone you know who perhaps feels lonely or isolated, to tell theirs.

In response to the same survey, 92 per cent of older pople also agreed that spending time with younger people could go a long way towards helping anyone who suffers with feelings of loneliness. And what better way to put that into practice than by telling a story as part of the Life Histories programme?

'We must build more contact with older people into everyday lives'

Bernard Cribbins, star of Jackanory and Wombles narrator, says: "everybody has a story to tell, and children love to listen to stories. It's so important to encourage new generations to spend time speaking with their seniors. [We must] build more contact with older people into everyday lives."

Find out more and start compiling your life history by clicking here


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