Why analogue is being swapped for digital in schools

Why analogue is being swapped for digital in schools

We all know it is second nature to read an analogue clock in order to tell the time. However, this may be changing as recent research suggests that some schools are changing analogue clocks to digital ones in exam halls so pupils can tell the time easier.

According to the Times Educational Supplement, school pupils need a digital clock to tell the time. This is a result of young people increasingly viewing the time on a digital device such as a phone or laptop rather than an analogue clock. 

"Young people find it a bit easier to use a digital clock - and if they're timing themselves for questions, it might make it less likely that they'll make mistakes," said Mr Trobe of the ASCL head teachers' union.

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Research reveals older generations are better at THESE skills

Wiring a plug, spelling without spellcheck and telling the time using an analogue clock are all among the things us older people are more likely to be better at than our children or grandchildren.

It turns out that over 55’s are better at doing a lot of things compared to millennials according to a recent survey by Bupa. Amongst the long list of practical skills young people may struggle with compared to their older relatives is how to change a tyre, how to use correct grammar, working out sums without a calculator, writing a formal letter, playing chess, getting stains out of clothes and sewing.  


It turns out the older generations are less likely to have to rely on a recipe book when baking than younger people who aren’t able to guess the weight of ingredients as accurately. 

Joan Elliott, Managing Director at Bupa Care Homes, said to the Daily Mail newspaper: 'There's so much we can learn from our older generations, but there's a real danger that we're losing valuable life skills and pastimes.

'Thankfully these things are easy to pass between generations, we just need to find time to start the conversations.

'Over 100 of our care homes will open their doors this weekend, hosting parties for their local communities.

'It's a great chance to meet new faces and share stories. You might even learn something new.'

Bupa will be opening their doors this Saturday 21st April.  Click here for more information. 

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