Meet Paris, the boxer who recycles litter

Meet Paris, the boxer who recycles litter

Lots of our pets have unusual habits. Some like to eat our socks. Others have a penchant for our poor postman's fingers.

But the curious habit of one dog from Bodmin, Cornwall, has made her an Internet sensation. For Paris, the nine-and-a-half-year old Boxer, loves nothing more than picking up rubbish on her daily walks before despoiting her collection in the recycling bin when she gets home.

Her quirky hobby came to light when Paris' owner, Fran Hodges, 51, created a Facebook page all about her dog's green-fingered deeds, which she likens to a real-life Womble.

Paris truly puts us all to shame when it comes to caring for the enviornment as she picks up plastic bottles and bits of litter in her mouth and then recycles the items back home. She even knows which pieces of recycling to put in which box. We're in awe!

Take a look at Paris in action:

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