Marine Conservation Society's 25th Great British Beach Clean

Marine Conservation Society's 25th Great British Beach Clean

The crackdown on plastic waste is now more important than ever and after watching David Attenborough's Blue Planet, we're all aware of the devastating impact that plastic waste is having on our oceans and sea life. Now, one charity needs your help to combat this problem and clean up Britain's beaches. 

The Marine Conservation Society needs volunteers to take part in clean-ups nationwide, and is especially looking for individuals willing to lead a clean over the weekend 14-17th September, with the charity’s support.

During last year’s Great British Beach Clean, just under 7,000 volunteers cleaned 339 beaches and picked up over 255,000 pieces of litter – a 10% rise in the amount of rubbish on UK beaches compared to 2016.

Could you go plastic-free for a month? 

Now, 25 years after the first mass beach cleaning event, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) says the UK stands on the cusp of helping make its silver anniversary event the biggest ever.

“Cleaning 339 individual beaches last year was a fabulous achievement by our volunteers,” says Lizzie Prior, MCS Beach and River Clean Officer. “But we know that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of beaches around our coasts that have never been cleaned and surveyed – and it’s the collection of this data that is so important to getting even more positive changes implemented than have already been achieved in the last year or so.”

MCS believe that less litter on UK beaches will save the lives of some of our best loved marine wildlife, protect our children when they're building sand castles, and show the world what the great British seaside really looks like beneath its escalating mountain of rubbish.

Click here to find out more and sign-up to be an organiser 

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