It's official the over 55s are the UK's biggest tea drinkers!

It's official the over 55s are the UK's biggest tea drinkers!

When it comes to a warm hot drink, nothing hits the spot for us Brits like a good old cuppa!

In fact a UK survey by children’s charity Dreams Come True has revealed that we really are a nation of tea addicts, with each person drinking on average 17 cups of tea a week!

Interestingly those aged over 55 were found to drink two and a half times the amount of 16-24 year olds!

This means the average person drinks 265 litres of tea a year – enough to have three baths full of tea.
The survey also found that a third of those questioned  put the kettle on to make a cup of tea when they felt stressed,  showing that people are stillusing tea to comfort them in times of need.

It seems women’s taste buds are more sophisticated as they drink twice as much herbal tea as men. But it’s men who try to impress the most with tea, with just over 10 per cent admitting they buy special tea to impress guests and have types of tea that they can’t pronounce the name of.

The Uk's tea drinking habits revealed:

  •  The total tea drunk in the UK in one year would fill 5,300 Olympic Swimming Pools showing we really are a tea-loving nation
  • The average person drinks enough to have three baths full of tea a year
  • As we’re becoming more experimental with our tea, one in eight admit to being unable to pronounce the name of the team they are drinking
  • Average person spends £12,500 on tea over their lifetime, which is enough to purchase a family car
  • London drinks the least, but spends the most on tea


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  • This survey carried out by the children’s charity Dreams Come True aims to highlight Dream Tea week (15th-21st June) where people are encouraged to host their own afternoon tea event in a bid to raise money for the charity. For more information visit