It’s official: We’re a chocoholic nation!

It’s official: We’re a chocoholic nation!

This week may be National Chocolate Week (13-19 October) but it seems we don't need an excuse to tuck into our favourite creamy milk, rich dark or white treat - we're already a confirmed nation of chocoholics with the UK tucking into more than £3.5bn each year, according to a new poll.

Nationwide Building Society research says most sweet-toothed Brits (74%) spend around £2 each week on getting their sugary fix - equivalent to a bar a day based on a typical big brand multipack of chocolate.
The research highlights that the average chocolate fan could cut their £100 annual spend in half by limiting their intake to a bar every other day. This would mean a collective saving of around £1.8 billion for the UK across the year.

The nation's favourites are:

  1. Big-brand chocolate bars - Dairy Milk, Mars Bar
  2. Sharing bags - Maltesers, Minstrels, M&M’s
  3. Christmas-style boxes - Roses, Quality Street
  4. Luxury trays - Thorntons Classics, Lindt Lindor
  5. Luxury chocolate bars - Green & Black’s, Hotel Chocolat

 The least preferred chocolate is trays of supermarket own brand, which are liked by just 8% of people.
Just a small minority of Brits say the never eat chocolate, while around a quarter of people tuck into their treats immediately before bedtime, with 23% saying they snack between 9pm and midnight. However, more than four-in-ten (43%) consume their chocolate in the three hours after 6pm, hinting that they are rewarding themselves after a hard day at work.

Nationwide’s Tracie Pearce, said: "It's no great surprise to see that we are a nation of chocolate lovers, but the amount we spend on getting our sugary fix is very impressive when you add it up. However, our love of chocolate could also be one way of saving money – and shedding a few pounds into the bargain!"


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