Horsing around with the wild pony whisperer

Horsing around with the wild pony whisperer

Monsieur Chapeau was days away from death when Dawn Westcott discovered him malnourished and unwell on the moors of Exmoor. Now, he's a happy, healthy horse, with a cheeky charm and amazing intellect, who's teaching Dawn and her other ponies a thing or two about the relationship between man and his four-legged friends.

In the latest issue of Yours, out now, we covered the whole heart-warming story from that fateful day he was found on the bleak expanse of Exmoor to today. But if, like us, you've already fallen head over heels in love with him, and want to know more, here's a few clips of him and his friends in action that we just couldn't resist sharing.

On the road to recovery

Nursed back to health with cuddles and lots of food, here's Monsieur Chapeau just days after his rescue (along with a very inquisitive canine companion):

It's playtime!

Monsieur Chapeau and Lady Martha of Molland Moor having a ball:

The softer approach in action

Monsieur Chapeau taught Dawn a lot about being gentle and loving towards these kind creatures. Here she is putting his teachings into practice:

And our favourite

This is Monsieur Chapeau's friend Topaz discovering the delights of a space hopper. Need we say any more.

  • To find out more about Dawn's ponies, visit her website here. You can find more videos of the Exmoor foals in action here
  • Main pic ©Tricia Gibson