Good luck Keller!

Our Yours puppy has started his journey to becoming a guide dog, thanks to your generosity. Get his tail wagging by sending a message of good luck on the form below.

Keller, who was named by reader Julie Lock after the inspirational deafblind author Helen Keller, has so far proved himself a playful pup! He’s been undertaking training in vital areas – from being comfortable in a lead and collar, to behaving well on bus and car journeys, and getting to grips with house training.

He loves a fuss, and is very keen to meet new people which, naturally, everyone is keen to oblige. His house training is going brilliantly, but – like many puppies of his age – he’s yet to learn that his lead and collar aren’t for playing with!

His favourite toy is a blanket which came with him from the Guide Dogs centre. It still smells of his mum and his siblings and he uses it to play tug-of-war. Guide dog pups are introduced to one another during training to get them used to meeting other dogs, and Keller recently met Parsley – who is three times his size and further along in his training. Our plucky pup was undeterred and eager to play with his new, bigger friend – great news for his socialisation skills.

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