Are the over 65s the safest drivers on our roads?

Are the over 65s the safest drivers on our roads?

Contrary to popular belief, a recent survey by Drivy UK shows the over 65s are the least likely to feel out of their comfort zone when driving. This comes just weeks after Prince Phillip was in a car accident where he luckily avoided a serious injury.

However, despite receiving criticism and calls for over 70s to retake their test, it seems experience does count for something as a new survey finds that the over 65s are the coolest drivers on the road.

The survey, conducted by Drivy, Europe’s leading peer-to-peer car sharing app, delved into how confident the nation was when it comes to driving in tricky situations. The over 65s came out on top as the most relaxed drivers on the road with younger demographics most often out of their comfort zone behind the wheel.

Half of 18 – 24-year-olds admitted to feeling out of their comfort zone when driving without a sat nav, driving a new car for the first time, driving around roundabouts, and driving in the dark. The over 65s aren’t to be phased though, with this age demographic coming out as the group least likely to feel out of their comfort zone in any of these tricky driving situations.


Given the recent changes to the driving test, the introduction of a sat nav could prove vital, with more than half of Generation Z (18 - 24 year olds) admitting to being uncomfortable without the assistance of a sat nav and 75 per cent saying they will continue to use a GPS to help them drive to places they have already travelled to before.

Katy Medlock, head of UK for Drivy said: “Contrary to what many may believe, our research showed that the over 65s were much more comfortable with tricky situations on the road than other age groups.

“For some, car sharing could be considered out of their comfort zone. Here at Drivy, our users range from 18 to well over 65, with the over 65s being some of our biggest advocates who continue to reap the benefits associated, such as earning extra income.”