Lorna White

71% of Brits think it's unacceptable to use Americanisms on CVs

Lorna White
71% of Brits think it's unacceptable to use Americanisms on CVs

It seems the minor differences between the spellings and phrases used by English people and English speaking Americans is getting us Brits confused after Oxford Home Schooling found that 71 per cent of Brits think it’s unacceptable to use Americanisms on CV’s.

We think it’s rather frustrating when British people use Americanisms and according to the survey, most of us are in agreement with over half (54%) of Brits finding Americanisms harmful to the British language.


The research carried out by the online home education provider, looked into the importance people place on British spellings and attitudes towards Americanisms being used in everyday life. Brits are passionate that our own standards are taught from an early age with over eight in ten (85%) stating it’s important for children to learn the importance of British spellings and over two thirds (67%) believing it’s unacceptable to use American spellings at school. Some of the most unrecognisable American spellings are listed below!

1. Encyclopedia (encyclopaedia)

2. Skillful (skilful)

3. Pretense (pretence)

4. Offense (offence)

5. Cozy (cosy)

6. Sulfate (sulphate)

7. Defense (defence)

8. Meter (metre)

9. Cesarean (caesarean)

10. Appetizer (appetiser) 

The study found Brits feel TV shows (39%), Facebook and Twitter (36%) and American films (35%) have had the biggest impact on our British spellings. With eight out of ten of Netflix’s most binged TV shows originating from across the pond it’s little wonder their spellings and words are finding their way into our dialogue. 

Test out your knowledge here with this Americanisms spelling test…