Another new Retro magazine from Yours

Another new Retro magazine from Yours

Welcome to the second issue of  Yours Retro! Once again we’ve packed the magazine with so many fascinating features. I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as we loved putting it together.
Discover the surprising big-name stars who missed out on an Oscar and swoon over Colin Firth as Mr Darcy or the beautiful Terence Stamp. Remember TV game shows, New Look fashion and top toys from the Fifties.  Plus we uncover the secret sadness of John LeMesurier, the feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis and reveal the scandal surrounding the Queen’s uncle George, Duke of Kent.

  • Fawlty service: Basil’s best lines
  • Doris Day: the girl next door
  • Hold on lads... best crime capers
  • The lure of Burgh Island
  • The Kinks: feuding brothers
  • The many faces of Lucille Ball
  • Back in time: a woman’s work
  • Pride and Prejudice retold
  • Bette and Joan: the catfight queens
  • Come on down! British game shows
  • Can you believe they didn’t win?
  • Pin-up: smouldering Terence Stamp
  • Barbara Stanwyck’s true grit
  • The look every woman wanted
  • Top toys from the Fifties
  • The loyal John LeMesurier
  • From Robin Hood to Lost in Space
  • Educating Archie
  • Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
  • Happy Birthday Star Trek
  • Dirk Bogarde: the reluctant star
  • Risqué royal: George, Duke of Kent
  • Hot property: Colman’s Mustard
  • You ain’t seen nothing yet... biopics
  • Saturday night at the Palais
  • The genius of Hitchcock
  • Win a bundle of books
  • Your letters
  • Screen cuisine: recipes from the films
  • The Beatles’ US tour
  • What’s in a name?
  • Claim your free Bing Crosby DVD & CD

Available in shops or order your copy now for £3.99 (plus £1 p&p) by calling 01733 840111 or send a cheque (made payable to Yours magazine) to Yours Retro Issue 2, Po Box 136, Coates, Peterborough PE7 2FE