16 things we did to be trendy teenagers

16 things we did to be trendy teenagers
  1. Kiss curls were precious (and such fashionable) things. So they needed sellotaping onto our head at night so they didn't unravel. This did mean we couldn't move our heads for a while too.
  2. We squashed out feet into the narrowest winklepickers we could find. Never mind they made our toes bleed and are possibly the cause of our bunions today- they looked the height of sophistication.
  3. Who ever said irons were for getting the creases out of our glad rags? They were a must for getting our hair poker straight in the sixties! No one wanted kinks in their locks to spoil their party look. We had to find a friend who we really trusted to do it for us though or else we ended up in a bit of a near scrape.
  4. The night before a big 'do' it was time to get that hair in rags. If we were stuck, old stockings would do the job too. It wasn't wonderfully comfortable to sleep in but no pain no gain they all said!
  5. We were wide-eyed with envy over Twiggy's astonishing eyes so hunted down the biggest false eyelashes we could find.
  6. We all wanted to be part of Pan's people and secretly practiced our best dance moves when we thought no one was watching. The postman may have accidentally seen us prancing around the living room once!
  7. Big bangs were very cool, especially on Cathy McGowan from Ready, Steady, Go- all long before Claudia Winkleman.
  8. Ladder in your stockings? It was time to get the nail polish out!
  9. We had wet look boots in black, wet looks boots in white and even wet look socks to wear with them.
  10. And the best thing to go with wet look boots? Why, hot pants of course!
  11. We did denium dungarees first!
  12. Cheesecloth was a girl's best friend. Until it shrunk in the wash!
  13. Everyone loved a beehive. Apart from tearing out your back-combed hair later-ouch!
  14. We all longed to buy a pair of clogs from Marks. And then when we finally got them, we longed to give them back as they all made our feet throb.
  15. And then there were flares- the wider the better and always best paired with platforms.
  16. Our boyfriends all went to have a perm. Occasionally they came back looking like heart throb Martin Shaw.