Which classic TV ads do you remember?

Which classic TV ads do you remember?

1. These giggling martians proved a huge hit in the Seventies and in 2000 were voted the second best advert of the century.


2. This was the first advert to ever be aired back in September 1955!

3. He was the mystery man who plunged from speedboats, dangled from cable cars and jumped from helicopters...and all because the lady loves Milk Tray!

4. Rising Damp star Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins had us in stitches with a series of hilarious commercials for Cinzano which ran from 1978 to 1983.

5. Named the most romantic TV ad of all time, the on-screen relationship of the Nescafe Gold Blend couple ran from 1987 to 1993.

6. This heart-warming ad for Yellow Pages was first shown in 1983 and all we wanted to do was help this elderly man find his book.

7. Watch out, watch out, there's a Humphrey about!

8. 'Go to work on an egg' ads started in the fifties and became an instant success.

9. Model Nick Kamen set pulses racing when he stripped down to his boxers and socks for this Levis ad in 1985.

10. 'Fly like a bird in the sky,' so the song went for this Seventies' ad for Nimble Bread.

11. This iconic ad for Hovis was first shown  in 1973, and was directed by Oscar-nominated Ridley Scott.

12. Over the decades generations of famous actresses have stared in the adverts but the theme tune that went 'with mild greeen fairy liquid,' remained a constant!

13. For years we chuckled at the antics of the adorable PG Tips chimps as they struggled to shift pianos or ride bicycles before relaxing with a refreshing cuppa.

14. It was the fizzy drink that made men creep down the stairs in the middle of night- just to get a taste!

15. This industrious housewife swept away the nation this catchy singalong jingle.

16.The Tetley tea folk orignal ads combined animation with live action sets. Starting in 1973 they were hugely successful- and last year had a £13 million makeover using computer generated images.

 17. Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate would do for us back in the Eighties.

18. The much-missed Lynda Bellingham delighted her family with her home-cooked meals in the Oxo gravy ads for 16 years from 1983-1999.

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