Remembering the golden age of children's TV

Remembering the golden age of children's TV

Andy Pandy 1950

The rosy-cheeked toddler who lived in a picnic basket was one of the stars of the children's TV show Watch With Mother.

The Clangers 1969

Who could forget the adorable whistling pink mice from space and their dustbin lid-covered world.

Bagpuss 1974

The sleepy but adorable cloth cat who told us many tales. He was 'baggy and a bit loose at the seams but Emily loved him'. And so did we!

Humpty 1964

Do you remember the large, green, egg-shaped companion of Play School's dolls and teddies?

Sooty 1955

First created in 1948 by Harry Corbett, Sooty the glove puppet bear remains the UK's longest running children's TV programme.

Camberwick Green 1966, Trumpton 1967, Chigley 1969

Camberwick was the BBC's first colour animated TV series for children. All three shows were interlinked communities where Captin Flack assembled his fire-fighters with the cry: 'Pugh, Pugh, Barney Mc Grew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub.'

The Wombles 1973

The rubbish recyclers of Wimbledon Common who were pop stars in their spare time. There was brainy Wellington, musclebound Tomsk and lazy Orinoco.

Bill and Ben 1952

Bill and Ben spoke their own version of English called 'oddle poddle' and lived in flowerpots at the bottom of the garden with their friend 'Weeeed!'

Pinky and Perky 1957

The singing pigs who spoke and sang in high-pitched voices were pretty much identical. The only way to tell them apart on black and white TV was by Perky's hat.

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