On this week September 29- October 5

On this week September 29- October 5

1954- Julie Andrews makes her first Broadway appearance

She was the face of our childhood, remembered fondly as Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp, but the face of Julie Andrews was first noted by the world on this week in 1954 as she made her Broadway debut in 'The Boy Friend': a 1920s-themed musical set on the French Riviera. Her performance as Polly Browne caught the eye of the big players of musical theatre, setting off her sparkling career in some of the most memorable films and shows of all time.

1951- the Festival of Britain cheered to an end

This week the nation clapped, cheered and flag-waved as the curtain went down on what was arguably the most spectacular festival the world has ever seen. Opened by King George, the festival was a showcase of all that was great about Britain in the post-war years and was seen by a total of 8.5 million visitors. It featured the best of British art, design and industry and featured sculptures from Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth and the building of London's Royal Festival Hall which still stands today.

1967- the UK's first National pop radio, BBC Radio 1, launched

The pop waves had been silenced by the government until this week in 1967 when the first national pop station blasted onto our radios. For the very first time we could shimmy and shake to our favourite tunes without having to smuggle our radios and the songs from the pirate stations under the pillow thanks to the launch of BBC Radio 1. Captaining pop's move to the mainstream was former Radio Caroline DJ, Tony Blackburn, who became the new station's first presenter. The Moves' 'Flowers in the Rain' was chosen as the very first song to introduce this radio phenomenon that changed the face of pop music forever.

1968- Britain's first sextuplets born

The birth of twins or triplets can be a big surprise to any parent, but on this week in 1968 the nation was left stunned by the birth of sextuplets as Sheila Thorns from Birmingham delivered four boys and two girls. One of only 18 sextuplets thought to be born in the UK in this century, very sadly only three of Sheila's babies survived. The Walton family famously broke records in 1983 with the birth of six babies whilst 1997 saw the first recorded birth of surviving septuplets.

1978- Grease's 'Summer Nights' takes number 1 spot

Summer lovin' certainly had us a blast back in 1978 as Grease hit the big screen. And it was on this week that the film had its second number 1 hit with 'Summer Nights'. The song from John Travolta and Olivia Newton John stayed at the top of the charts for seven weeks, becoming the 2nd biggest selling record of 1978 (after 'Saturday Night Fever'). But its popularity lasted far longer as every generation of teenagers learnt how to 'tell me more' and sent that caterwauling last note echoing round every disco and wedding reception since.