On this week October 27- November 2

On this week October 27- November 2

October 27, 1964- The Supremes hit number 1 with Baby Love

Following on from their success with the hit 'Where Did Our Love Go', the Supremes pulled another chart-topper out of the bag with 'Baby Love'. On this week, this catchy song of teenage love made the elusive number 1 spot of the US Billboard Hot 100 and later became The Supremes' only number 1 hit in the UK. From those opening 'ooohs' to the closing chords, it became an anthem of the Sixties we've never quite forgotten since.

October 29, 1998- John Glenn becomes the oldest person to go into space

Becoming the first American to orbit Earth wasn't enough for astronaut John Glenn as he broke another record on this week in history by becoming the oldest man to head into space. 36 years after his first spaceflight, a 77 year old John floated off from solid ground once more on the space shuttle which orbited Earth a dizzying total of 134 times in just nine days.

October 30, 1957- House of Lords admit first female peers

On this week the government revealed plans to admit female peers into the House of Lords for the first time. A significant step in the campaign for equality between men and women, the announcement saw crowds erupt into cheers for the occasion which means female life peers will be able to sit and vote in one of the most important game-changing rooms in the country.

October 29, 1986- Margaret Thatcher opens last sections of the M25

On this week Mrs Thatcher cut the ribbon to huge fanfare on the opening of the M25. The longest city bypass in the world, often described as the 'country's biggest car park', the M25 took 11 years to build and used more than two million tonnes of concrete. The motorway has attracted both love and loathing from drivers over the years since its opening, inspiring Chris Rea's 'Road to Hell' and many a radio traffic bulletin.

October 31, 1964- Barbra Streisand's album 'People' goes to number 1

For her fourth studio album, Barbra really hit the high notes as she landed her album a number 1 spot and kept it for the next five weeks. The album's title track was a newly recorded version of the hit song from the musical 'Funny Girl' in which Barbra starred. It also featured her favourite old-time tunes such as Irving Berlin's blues-y 'Supper Time' and 'My Lord and Master' from the Rogers and Hammerstein smash-hit The King and I.