On this week October 13-19

On this week October 13-19

October 13, 1958- Paddington Bear makes his debut

Our favourite duffle coat wearing bear with his marmalade sandwiches first entered our childish imaginations on this week in 1958 and has stayed there ever since. He first strode into our lives in the form of Michael Bond's delightful books, illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. He was later made into a stuffed cuddly toy in 1972 where he was given those iconic wellington boots and then took to the television airwaves in 1975.

October 14, 1969- launch of the 50p coin

It was this week that this seven-sided coin was first dropped into our pockets and purses to replace the 10-shilling note. Part of the move to decimalisation that was completed in 1971, the 50p coin caused controversy among the public as people complained it was difficult to distinguish from a 10p coin or half crown.

October 16, 1987- Michael Fish fails to predict that devastating hurricane

Southern Britain was battered by some of the worst storms in living memory whilst weather forecasters hurried for cover from the backlash of criticism they received for failing to predict the hurricane winds. Michael Fish in particular took the blame for reassuring viewers the hurricane would not touch land: a blunder which he and the public (all with a good sense of humour) have never quite forgotten.

October 18, 1967- release of Disney's Jungle Book

Based on the book by Rudyard Kipling, Walt Disney created a cinematic jungle adventure that would have children wrapt for many years to come, eager to learn the 'bare necessities' from Mowgli and Baloo. The film received wonderful reviews both at the time of its release and later and was Walt Disney's final film as he died during its production.

October 17, 1970- Jackson 5 hit number 1 with 'I'll be there'

The Jackson 5 made their fourth number 1 hit in a row with 'I'll be there' which stayed at the top of the US charts for five weeks. It was the first ballad the group had had success with after the disco sounds of their previous number 1's like 'ABC' and 'I Want You Back' and was later noted by Michael Jackson as the song that solidified the careers of Jackson 5.