On this week 10-16 November

On this week 10-16 November

14 November, 1973- Princess Anne marries

We all love a royal wedding and on this week in history, well-wishing crowds came out in their hundreds to celebrate the marraige of the Queen's only daughter, Princess Anne, to Lieutenant Mark Phillips. Declared a national holiday, around 500 million people worldwide watched the couple tie the knot at Westminster Abbey. The couple met through their shared love of horses. They went onto have two children, Peter in 1977 and Zara in 1981, who herself had her own royal wedding in 2011.

15 November, 1980- Blondie makes 5th number 1

Blondie was incredibly busy in 1980 as the band managed to notch up a total of three number 1's within the year. The fifth time overall that the band hat hit the top spot of the charts, it was the song 'The Tide is High' that earned them this success. The song was written by reggae star, John Holt.

12 November, 1984- the end of the one pound note

On this week the little green papers that lined our purses became a thing of the past as the one pound note was replaced by a £1 coin. The pound note had been in ciruclation for 150 years. Just two years after the pound note's disappearance, another new coin also popped into our purse as the £2 came into being, introduced to commemorate the 13th Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

10 November, 1960- Penguin are allowed to publish Lady Chatterley's Lover

One of the most talked about novels of the 20th century was finally put up for public sale on this week- and sold out before lunchtime! The racy novel by D.H.Lawrence became available in Paperback for 3s 6d after decades of being banned. Within a year, the book had sold a staggering two million copies.