Do you have any Carlton Ware?

The Wiltshaw & Robinson pottery in Stoke made the highly-decorated, sometimes garish,  tableware from the mid-1890s. The pottery produced tablewares, earthenware and crested souvenir-type wares.

The company’s output underwent a revolution in 1918 when Frederick Wiltshaw, son of the founder, took over. Having seen the success of Wedgewood's lustre ware range, he decided to launch a similar product.

The Carlton Ware lustre range features flowers in more than 12 different colours, animals and birds, and Oriental and Egyptian motifs. The Thirties 'Egyptian Fan' flower jug pictured above is valued at £500-£700.

A simpler 'Handcraft' range was introduced in the late Twenties. Another innovation was its oven-to-table ceramics introduced in 1929. It also produced the ceramic toucans as promotional items for Guinness. Carlton Ware’s last popular success was the 'Walking Ware' range of tablewares in the Sixties.

Other ranges included the naturally-coloured tablewares modelled on two-dimensional flowers and fruit and salad leaves and the Fifties 'Royal' lustre range. These are less valuable today.

The name became Carlton Ware Ltd in 1958 and various manufacturers now make limited pieces under license.

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