Cash in the attic: Whizzwheels

Whizzwheels were released by Corgi in 1968 to keep up with competition from the other diecast makers, who promoted the 'speed' of their models when pushed.

Red spot wheels were phased out in 1970

Original Whizzwheels had rubber tyres and brass hubs with low-friction red-nylon centres. However 'red spot' wheels were expensive and time-consuming to produce, so they were phased out in 1970. Eventually, Whizzwheels were made entirely from plastic.

Look out for ‘red spot’ Corgi models as they can be highly desirable and valuable. This 1970-1972 Ford Capri in flourescent orange with black interior, in mint condition, with good-condition window box is is valued at £100-£150.

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