Cash in the attic: Travel posters

Travel posters saw their ‘golden age’ from the Twenties to the Sixties. They can be found for most of the major forms of travel including cruise liners, railways and airlines. Buses, ferries and other less glamourous forms of transport tend to attract considerably smaller audiences and lowers values.

Look for posters that sum up the romance of that form of transport

Flying high

The earliest posters were ocean liner and railway company posters, and these tend to be the most valuable today. However, airline posters are rising in desirability and value. Look for major brands such as White Star, BOAC, Air France and Canada Pacific. This 1958 American Airlines 707 Jet Flagships poster picture ( 101cm high), is valued at £1,200 to £1,800.

Look for posters that sum up the romance or excitement of that form of transport or the destination shown. Posters in the Art Deco style are usually highly prized. Bright colours, attractive and evocative scenes and popular company names will usually add value, with posters produced for the Great Western Railway and Air France often being the most desirable in their categories.

The work of notable designers, such as Cassandre (Adolphe Mouron), Jean Carlu and Tom Purvis, is usually highly valued.

Preserved posters turn a profit

Folding, tears and stains reduce value, but damage can be restored; posters have been professionally backed onto linen for preservation which does not reduce value and can, in fact, enhance desirability.

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