Cash in the attic: Royal Doulton British Bulldogs

Patriotic Bulldog models were introduced in the 1940s, symbolising the steely determination of the British character. Second World War ceramic versions featuring hats and flags representing the armed forces honoured the bravery of military personnel and Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Patriotic Bulldog models were introduced in the 1940s

This 1941 version by Charles Noke valued at £80-£120 was re-released by Royal Doulton in 2012, as an example is featured on M's desk in the James Bond film 'Skyfall'. He resurfaced in Bond's apartment in 'Spectre' last year - with a 'restored after the explosion' look - and you can buy him from for £50. The Skyfall version is no longer available from Royal Doulton, but is selling on eBay for £175.

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