Cash in the attic: Pyrex kitchenware

Do you have any Pyrex dishes, jugs, bowls or tumblers in your kitchen? Over the past few years, it has become increasingly sought-after by a younger generation of ‘retro’ collectors who buy to both decorate their kitchens and use them when they cook, especially for guests.

Pyrex was released by Corning Glass in 1924 and made in the UK by Jobing. Other companies including Phoenix Glass produced their own versions.

Condition is paramount, so scratches or chips will make a piece almost unsaleable.

The more ‘retro’ the pattern, the more it’s worth

The brighter the colours and more ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ the pattern, the more it’s worth. Don’t book the cruise just yet, though, as the trendsetters don’t pay vast sums, and few pieces are worth over £30 including this Pyrex glass triangular dish, valued at £10-£20.

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