Cash in the attic: Perfume bottles

Perfume has been used for thousands of years to enhance the attractiveness of the wearer - and mask nasty smells pre-regular bath days!

Most perfume bottles pre-20th century were sold empty by bottle makers to store perfume pre-mixed from a drug store. In the 19th century, the latest fashions were reflected in the decorative bottles used to store perfume purchased in plain packaging. In the 1880s, perfumers began commissioning bottles for specific fragrances.

Perfume was used to  mask nasty smells pre-regular bath days!

Collectors focus on bottles from particular parfumiers or from fashion houses. Containers from glassmakers, especially Lalique, are desirable.

Perfume bottles by famous brands produced in large numbers often have a lower price tag than rare pieces by less well-known companies, and an unopened bottle or one in its original box is generally more valuable. This 1940s 'Christmas Tree' holiday presentation of "Pinx" perfume for De Raymond (pictured) is valued at £380-£420.

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