Cash in the attic: Louis Vuitton luggage

Louis Vuitton founded his luggage and fashion company in 1854 and it was the first company to popularise the flat-topped trunk, which could be stacked easily on voyages. Before this, dome-topped trunks had been standard.

Specially-commissioned items such as instrument cases can fetch large sums

A Trianon canvas was used to ensure luggage was waterproof. Beige and brown striped canvas was introduced in 1876 , with the square ‘Damier’ canvas following in 1888. The ‘LV’ monogram canvas arrived in 1896 and became the company’s hallmark.

Vintage pieces have become hugely sought-after by interior decorators, who use them as furniture or display them stacked in a room. Specially-commissioned items such as instrument cases can also fetch large sums. This late 20th Century Vuitton canvas and wood hat-box (47cm) is valued at £700-£900.

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