Cash in the attic: James Bond posters

With the 24th James Bond offering Spectre starring Daniel Craig now in cinemas, it's likely the interest in posters from the spy film franchise will be shaken - and stirred!

In general, posters from movies that captured our imagination or are cult classics are desirable.While posters for little known or unpopular films are less valuable unless they have striking artwork or artwork by a notable designer.

This 1963 'From Russia with Love' poster is valued at £3,500

Many collectors focus on series, including Bond or focus on films by key directors, such as Stanley Kubrick or Alfred Hitchcock.

Posters produced before a film release are known as 'Teasers' and have a different design to the main-release poster, often a critical scene from the film and can be rare. Posters are often issued if the film is re-released and, again, designs may differ from the original artwork.

The most popular poster sizes are the American one-sheet - 27in (68.5cm) by 41in (104cm), and the UK quad - 30in (76cm) by 40in (84cm). Posters from other countries can be in different sizes and can have different artwork to the US or UK versions. Examples from the film's country of origin tend to be the most desirable.

This quad 1963 'From Russia with Love' poster 40in wide is valued at a Roger Moore eyebrow-raising £3,500 to £4,000.

Beware of photographic reproductions on shiny paper, as these are not usually valuable. Buy in the best condition possible. While folds and tears can be repaired, they should ideally not affect the image.

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