Cash in the attic: Edward VIII memorabilia

Cash in the attic: Edward VIII memorabilia

Unfortunately most Edward VIII memorabilia is not as rare or valuable as people think.

The potteries began mass-production of a range of designs months before the Coronation itself. As a result, thousands of pieces were produced and sold before the Abdication was announced. Edward was King from January 1936 until he stepped down on 11 December the same year to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Pieces commemorating both the Coronation and Abdication are rare

However, this 1936 music mug which plays the National Anthem is an unusually valuable example of Edward VIII memorabilia. Its £380-£420 value comes from cross-market interest as pieces commemorating the Coronation and Abdication are rare, partly as the whole affair was deemed distasteful and embarrassing at the time.

Musical jugs and mugs are a niche collecting market in their own right, further adding to the desirability of this mug.

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