Cash in the attic: Coronet 'Midget' cameras

Cash in the attic: Coronet 'Midget' cameras

Today, most of us use our smartphones for snaps but back in the mid-1930s, the Coronet Midget was the must-have camera for budding photographers. At just 6.5cm high (2.5in), it cost five shillings and took a six-exposure film.
Although there are variations in terms of features, for example some cameras have handles while others have knobs for winding on film - these variations do not have much of an effect on value.

Blue is the most valuable of all the Midget colours

Colour is far more important. Most 'Midget' cameras are black (valued at £60-£80) and brown (£80-£100) but Jazzy Art Deco colours, particularly blue (£300-£400), are rarer so more valuable. Condition is of paramount importance and a camera must be umdamaged to achieve the prices shown here.

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