Cash in the attic: Beer cans

Other foods have been tinned since around 1812, but it wasn’t until 1933 in the USA and 1936 in the UK that beer was tinned - or canned.

Cans had to be able to withstand the pressure of the beer and were lined with a waxy substance so that taste wasn't affected by the metal.

The Felinfoel Brewery in Wales was the first British brewery to can beer and its cans were 'cone tops' sealed with 'crown caps'. These were only replaced with ‘flat tops’ in 1964. These were opened by puncturing two holes in the top flat surface.

Beer was first canned in 1936 in Britain

Opening was made easier with the ring-pull tab's introduction in 1967. This was used until 1990 when the current ‘stay tab’ was developed.

Rare designs, early cans and designs that cross collecting markets fetch the highest prices. Condition is paramount with dents, rust or damage to the image reducing value dramatically.

Most beer cans cost under £30 each so are cheap if you’re interested in starting a collection. This iconic-design Jackpot Courage Bitter Ale party can (1961-62) was one of the UK's first ever four-pint party cans and is valued at £20-£30.

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