Are the Seventies coming back?

Are the Seventies coming back?

The Seventies are well and truly back in fashion, with The Great British Bake Off churning up enthusiasm for retro living. Lemon meringue pie, black forest gateau and scampi are remembered fondly by almost half of us, according to a survey from Whitby Seafoods.

If you ever hosted a dinner party with a prawn cocktail starter and After Eights post-pudding you surely weren't alone, and many people asked looked back on the nostalgic menu fondly.

Of course it wasn't all glacé cherries and good times - there are certain elements of the kitchen cupboard we'd rather forget. Bowl of Smash followed by a glass of Blue Nun, anyone?

The decade is remembered as a wonderful time for children, with 40 per cent of people saying they'd take a humble Spacehopper over a fancy games console anyday, and half wanting to see the return of the Etch-a-Sketch.

What do you remember best about the 1970s?


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