20 things you might remember from holidays at Butlin's

20 things you might remember from holidays at Butlin's

You know the correct response when someone says: ‘Hi-de-Hi!’

It could rain all week and nobody cared – there was too much to do.

But if it was sunny, you might get to go rockpooling or ride a donkey on the beach.


And that’s without mentioning the sports, shopping arcades, indoor and outdoor pools, discos, theatre shows, fairgrounds, amusements, and much more!

The glass-sided swimming pool at Filey, which meant you could sit at the café and watching kicking legs swimming past.

The dry slope at Minehead was the closest you ever got to a holiday in the Alps – not that you minded one bit. It was a bit tricky to get the hang of it though, especially on wet days.

Even better was the Minehead monorail, which felt like travelling through science-fiction.

The kids’ club was always great fun, especially the sports day at the end. Meanwhile, your parents got to relax in a deckchair








You ate in hour-long slots in an enormous dining hall – soup, chops and bacon and eggs were all staples.

Each dining room had its own Red Coat who whipped up competition with the others over the Inter-House Trophy.

You had at least one favourite Red Coat – and wanted to be one when you grew up.

If you were lucky you could have a glass of pop at a Beachcomber Bar, which had barmaids in grass skirts and a ‘volcano’ which erupted every hour!

Even to this day, nothing cheers you up quite like the sight of a brightly coloured beach umbrella.

You were woken for breakfast by Radio Butlin’s.

Your family enjoyed the beauty contests. You watched giggling teenage girls strut their stuff, before one was presented with a sash – it was all very innocent.




Even better were the knobbly knees competitions!

Nowhere in the world has such colourful, well-maintained gardens.

Swimming pools just don’t feel the same without plastic seagulls hanging overhead…

Your collection of Butlin’s badges was your pride and joy.

They were the happiest of holidays – thank you, Billy Butlin!