19 things you'll remember from playing outside as a child

19 things you'll remember from playing outside as a child

Being hit with a snowball can be painful, but less so than the rap of a conker on your thumb, or a pebble from a catapult in the back of the head.

More often than not, your hands looked like this…







You still can’t walk past a tree without assessing how easy it would be to climb…

…or see a pebble without skimming it across the nearest pond.

You were the queen of the hopscotch grid, and still remember all of the skipping chants you learnt.

You were really disappointed when your school banned clackers.



Buttercups are for checking whether people like butter, while daisies can tell you who’s in love with you.

The fun didn’t stop if you lived in a city – there was still Grandmother’s Footsteps, Knock Down Ginger and British Bulldog to keep you busy.

Your pockets were stuffed with a mixture of marbles, jacks, chalk, string and anything you’d picked up along the way – much to your mother’s annoyance!

Your knees barely had a graze-free moment, and your hands were often blistered from the monkey bars at the park.

A plank and a rope could only mean one thing…






You can tell it’s going to rain by the smell in the air.

You spent hours trying to make glass jars of perfume from rose petals, and trying to taste honey in honeysuckle flowers.

Your dollies were grubby – but loved – after numerous garden tea parties.

Visiting a park was the biggest treat ever – after a day at the seaside, that is.




You knew all of the best spots for building a den, as well as the best hiding places – just in case you got into trouble with the park warden, your parents or even the local bobby!

Your mum didn’t worry where you were until it got dark – unless you needed to be back for your tea.

Nothing felt as exhilarating as running as fast as you could. You never walked anywhere if you could help it.

And despite all that excitement, some of the best naps you ever had were outside in the sunshine.