14 reasons why Christmas was better when we were children

14 reasons why Christmas was better when we were children
  1. Most of your presents were handmade with blood, sweat and tears. Your dad would spend hours in the shed crafting a beautifully unique dolls’ house or rocking crib, while your mum and grandma would be hard at work knitting you clothes for your toys. Your dolly was the most spoilt girl on the block!
  2. Advent calendars might not have had the chocolates (or even beauty products) of today, but they were glittery and pretty, and you loved opening the doors for the festive pictures.
  3. You didn’t have a stocking, just a pillowcase at the end of the bed – but there was still nothing more exciting than the feeling of its weight against your legs in the morning.
  4. And it was always full of little games – from spinning tops to toy soldiers – a tangerine and a handful of nuts. Sometimes a lump of coal too!
  5. The house was always freezing in the morning in the days before central heating, but you still jumped out of bed bright and early (too early, according to mum and dad) on Christmas morning. You didn’t feel the cold that day.
  6. There was always plenty on the radio to keep you happy. From Sparky the Magic Piano to Tubby the Tuba, from Peter and the Wolf to A Windmill in Old Amsterdam, and not forgetting Puff the Magic Dragon.
  7. You always knew exactly what you wanted for your main present, and would spend hours admiring it in shop windows. Some years you’d receive the gift of your dreams, other years not, but you never minded too much.
  8. The family’s day revolved around the Queen’s speech on the radio, and later on, on the TV.
  9. There wasn’t as much festive gluttony as nowadays, and you’d never consider having a roast turkey. Homemade sausage rolls and mince pies were always popular, and mum would hide a sixpence or threepenny bit in the Christmas pudding.
  10. Dad worked right up until Christmas Eve and then only had Christmas Day and Boxing Day off work, so you made the most of being able to sit on his knee.
  11. You loved playing board games with your siblings in the afternoon, but even better was a family sing-song (especially if your family was lucky enough to have a piano).
  12. Later on there was a big film on the telly, The Sound of Music or the Wizard of Oz if you were lucky. You also loved variety shows with Bing Crosby, Val Doonican or Perry Como, especially if your heart-throb Cliff Richard put in a festive appearance.
  13. Other TV highlights included Billy Smart’s Circus and – of course – Morecambe and Wise bringing you sunshine.
  14. You weren’t spoilt with many presents, and there wasn’t much chocolate to go round, but Christmas back then was truly a magical time. You wouldn’t swap with today’s children for anything.



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