17 things you only know if you grew up in the 1950s


by Bauer Xcel |
  1. You played games in the street until it got dark, or your mum called you in for tea. The best ones were British bulldog, jacks, grandmother's footsteps and knock down Ginger (as long as no one caught you!)
  1. All friendships were put aside during a fierce conkers battle...and everyone had their own secret method for preparing a winner
  1. The only 'take away' available on a Friday night was fish and chips.
  1. Bathtime was never lonely - you nearly always had to share with your siblings.
  1. Your parents loved Hancock’s Half Hour...
  1. ...But you only wanted to hear a young lad called Cliff Richard on the radio!

7.Your hallway was dominated by a heavy black Bakelite phone (which connected to a shared line

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  1. Anyone lucky enough to have a television adored The Adventures of Robin Hood.
  1. You had school milk every day – whether you liked it or not!
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  1. Most meals were based around mince - and you weren't given another option.
  1. Oranges and nuts were delicious luxury items, and you were delighted to find them in your Christmas stocking.
  1. Your mum probably didn’t have a job - unless she was an Avon lady.
  1. You wore an uncomfortable Liberty bodice.
  1. Packets of crisps came with a blue wax paper twist of salt.
  1. If your brother felt generous, he might have let you play with his Meccano.
  1. You loo was in the garden...and was FREEZING!
  1. Getting out of bed was much harder than these days – especially when there was ice inside the window.

But despite a loo filled with spiders, and curdling school milk, those were the happiest days of your life

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