You can make a difference

You can make a difference

Izzy the cat was abandoned and heavily pregnant when Blue Cross stepped in and saved her. Read her story and how you can help animals like Izzy, too. 

When neighbours heard tiny little mews coming from the house next door, they were amazed to find tiny little pussycat Izzy crying away. Izzy had been left all on her own when her family moved away, leaving her behind. At the time, Izzy was heavily pregnant and faced giving birth in a matter of days with no food, no shelter and no one to look after her. 

Luckily, having alerted the neighbours with her cries, the animal charity Blue Cross stepped in to care for her, immediately finding her a foster carer who could give her round-the-clock care as her new brood arrived.  A few days later, Izzy gave birth to seven gorgeous, healthy kittens which, after a few months getting their strength up with mum, were all given loving, happy homes thanks to the help of Blue Cross. Today, these mischievous little lovelies are doing well in their new homes as well as mum Izzy. 

Day in, day out, Blue Cross are stepping in to act as guardian angels for animals in need like Izzy. The charity helps more than 35,000 abandoned, unwanted, sick and injured pets every year. But, of course, taking care of these wonderful animals, whether they’re rescued to one of Blue Cross animal rehoming centres or placed in foster care, costs a lot of money. There’s food and equipment to buy as well as the vet’s bills for neutering, vaccination and microchipping that they gift to every animal they rescue to ensure they have the very best chance at being rehomed. 

But as Blue Cross receives no government funding, they rely entirely on the donations of animal lovers to be able to continue their vital and life-changing work. 

They’re always looking to do the best they can for the animal kingdom and the charity’s latest project is to rebuild their Hertfordshire rehoming centre, improving facilities to give pets the very best care and look after even more animals. There will be a brand-new kitten unit with quiet pens for new mums to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet when their litters arrive away from the day-to-day noise of the cattery. They’ll also be able to help even more cats like Izzy who arrive into the rehoming centre pregnant and need some love and care to help them through one of the biggest moments in their lives.  While it makes us so sad that cats like Izzy are left unwanted and abandoned, by giving a donation to Blue Cross you’ll be making a huge difference to animals just like her, helping give cats and dogs a fresh chance at a great life in the loving home they deserve. 

How to help

To make a donation to Blue Cross, call 0300 790 9903 or send a cheque payable to Blue Cross to the Yours address on page three. And if you think you could give a great home to a Blue Cross pet, you can find out more about rehoming a pet by calling the number above or visiting