Twin your loo and help others overseas by raising cash

Twin your loo and help others overseas by raising cash

We've all heard of twin towns, but now it's time for the rise of twin loos, thanks to pioneering charity, ToiletTwinning.Org!

The innovative scheme has inspired workplaces around the country to 'pretty up' their bathroom facilities, in exchange for donations of small change from users. But any toilet - be it in your home, at work or in a school - is eligible for the scheme.

When the donation pot reaches £60, you can send it off to the charity and it will pay for a proper toilet to be installed in one of the following countries:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cambodia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Liberia, Uganda, Zambia.

Once your toilet is twinned with another far away, you'll receive details of its location so you can even look it up on Google Maps.

The difference a working toilet makes is staggering. Not only does it improve hygiene, but girls can return to school and adults to work. Currently there are 2.6 billion people in the world who don't have somewhere safe to go to the toilet. Let's change that.

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