How your unwanted perfume could benefit these tigers

How your unwanted perfume could benefit these tigers

We’ve all been bought a perfume we’re not keen on. Whether it was a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s gift, it usually gets buried in a drawer never to be smelt again as we’d feel guilty throwing it away! Now, Chessington World of Adventures are wanting to take those unwanted scents off your hands, and are asking you to donate them to their new tigers.

Don’t worry, as strange as this may sound, the tigers won’t be wearing any perfume or aftershave. In fact, Chessington are wanting to release your different unwanted scents into the new tiger’s enclosure, in order to create the diversity of the environment that they would expect in the wild.


The family of four endangered Amur tigers will be arriving to Chessington from Sweden later this month to reside in the new multi-million-pound enclosure. The use of different scents is part of the enrichment programme at the zoo. Michael ‘Zim’ Zurnamer, Carnivore Supervisor at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said: “Sensory enrichment is key here at Chessington to keep our animals stimulated. We often take bedding and materials from other animals in our Zoo, as well as unwanted deodorants from our guests, because the different smells get the animals' brains and senses going as they realise something different has been trailed through their enclosure, just as various scents would cross their path in the wild.”

All guests have to do to donate their smellies is drop them off at the Chessington Lodge Gate anytime between 10am and 4pm during the February half term this week. Once the tigers have arrived and settled into their new homes, the scents will be released into their enclosure.