How do you take Yours?

How do you take Yours?

Marie Curie are calling on Yours readers to throw a Blooming Great Tea Party this June to help raise money for those living with a terminal illness. Throwing a tea party is easy and once you’ve set a date and invited your guests, your local Marie Curie ‘tea party expert’ will send you a pack with tips, tricks and fundraising materials to make sure  your tea party is a blooming great success!


No tea party is complete without sweet treats and a cuppa. Whether you’re baking your own or buying from a shop, every penny you raise will make a big difference. But what tea will you be serving at your tea party? We asked some celebs how they take theirs for some fun inspiration…

 Alison Steadman 


“I really feel I couldn't live without my cuppa first thing in the morning.  If I've got time, I drink it in bed.  It has to be 'builder's tea' in the morning (no sugar) and Earl Grey mid-afternoon. And my morning cuppa has to be in my favourite mug that has a picture of a fox on it. Same mug every day!  And afternoon Earl Grey has to be in my pretty blue and white flowery china mug. Yes, same one every day.”

Dame Judi Dench


“Since being in India in 2010, I now only drink Assam tea in a beautiful porcelain mug, with a spoonful of honey.  The tea has to be very weak so that you can see the bottom of the mug. Delicious!”

Cheryl Baker

Cheryl Baker white shirt.jpg

“I like my tea weak – like my men!!  I actually like English Breakfast Tea with milk and one sugar and unlike the Great British Public I never drink tea in the morning.  For me, tea is an afternoon drink.  Mike Nolan loves Earl Grey and Lady Grey and is always trying to get me to change but they are too scenty for me.”

Debbie McGee

KB85TB (1).jpg

“I take my tea with a spoonful of honey.  And I won't have a thick-rimmed mug - china only!”

Linda Robson

Linda Robson.jpg

“Builders brew, none of that perfumed crap. There’s a big debate in my house on whether you should put the milk in before or after – I think before so that you can see what colour the tea should be.” 

Anything goes! Whether you like your tea strong, milky, fruity, sweet or a classic builder’s brew, throw a tea party and share a cuppa with family and friends to raise money for a fantastic cause.