Help power groundbreaking dementia research

Help power groundbreaking dementia research

Dementia is one of the greatest medical challenges of our time and many of us have seen a loved one be affected by the condition. Dementia is caused by physical brain diseases, most commonly Alzheimer’s. These diseases slowly take away a person’s memories, identity and connection to their friends, family and their world. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure – at least not yet. At Alzheimer’s Research UK, they are dedicated to making these breakthroughs possible.

What does Alzheimer’s Research UK do?

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the only national charity with a sole focus on raising funds to power cutting-edge dementia research. With the backing of their passionate scientists and supporters, they believe medical research can and will make breakthroughs possible.

Scientists are already making incredible discoveries, and with your support Alzheimer’s Research UK can turn those discoveries into life-changing preventions, treatments and one day, a cure. 

How can you help?

One valuable way to support dementia research is with a gift in your Will. One in three of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s groundbreaking research projects are made possible by gifts in Wills. At no cost to you during your lifetime, these gifts help to ensure that pioneering research can continue long into the future. Research is our best hope of creating a world free from dementia.

After you have taken care of your family and friends, please consider supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK with a gift in your Will. No matter the size, every gift helps to protect our children, grandchildren and future generations from the heartbreak of dementia.

Julia’s gift to Alzheimer’s Research UK

Julia West chose to leave a life-changing gift to the charity after her aunt died of a form of dementia, sadly undiagnosed at the time.

“My Aunt Bessie was a very gentle and loving lady. As her memory gradually faded the only people whose names she could remember were mine and my daughter’s. After she died, I began making regular contributions to brain research charities, and later to Alzheimer’s Research UK too”.

However, Julia wanted to support the charity further, so when it came to making her Will she made the incredible decision to leave a gift to Alzheimer’s Research UK, in memory of her beloved aunt. 

Gifts like Julia’s can play an important part in overcoming dementia for future generations.

What can Alzheimer’s Research UK offer you?

Alzheimer’s Research UK have tools available to help you plan for the future. These include  a series of informative videos and factsheets on making or updating your Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney, planning for future care and any other questions you may have. The charity has also created a free guide to writing a Will to provide more information and de-mystify some aspects of Will-making.

For more information about the charity and Gifts in Wills, please visit their website. To receive a free guide to writing a Will and including a gift to dementia research, please contact the Gifts in Wills team on 01223 896606 or email

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*Alzheimer’s Research UK factsheets and videos are for information purposes only and do not constitute personal planning for the future advice. They recommend you seek independent advice from a solicitor or tax advisor to meet your personal needs. They do not accept liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising as a consequence of any use of or the inability to use any information on their website.