Which Downton character are us Brits most alike?

Which Downton character are us Brits most alike?

Downton may have bid a fond farewell to our TV screens (bar the Christmas Day episode that we're hopping with excitement to see!) But that's not to say we'll never see a Lady Mary drama or a Dowager Countess quip again.

That's because a new survey from Daz has revealed that most of us know a Crawley or Mrs Patmore in our own lives. In fact Daz, showed that that a whopping two thirds of us display the characteristics of Lady Mary, which means that, as a nation, we’re a progressive bunch who believe in tradition but are all for change if it improves the situation.

Naturally, Lady Mary types embrace innovation and are always looking for new ways to use technology, but believe in maintaining a work, life balance. They believe they're loyal, elegant and passionate, and are always turned out pristine and proper. 

Aside from Lady Mary, the study showed 15 per cent of us share characteristics with the Earl of Grantham: stable, dependable and intelligent. But only a mere 10 per cent see ourselves at the heart of the home like Mrs Patmore: satisfied with where we are, needing clean tea towels every day and a bit shy of change.  

4 per cent related to the moral, reserrved and sceptical Branson, while 3 per cent said they were aspiring Dowager Countesses with traditional morals and preferring not to work unless they have to.

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