Katharine Wootton

What gets Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway giggling?

Katharine Wootton
What gets Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway giggling?

By Katharine Wootton

For someone who’s spent the past two decades getting up at three in the morning to present our breakfast telly, Kate Garraway is always amazingly chirpy. Whether she’s talking about the days’ current affairs on Good Morning Britain, or telling me about her lovely two children, she does it all with an infectious sense of good humour.

But the main topic of conversation that has her smiling from ear to ear today is, interestingly, her upcoming 50th birthday. 

“I was initially having a bit of a midlife moment of madness and getting very stressed about turning 50 but then I decided to write a book about it, using the advice on friends and experts on getting older, and actually I now feel so much happier about what’s to come,” says Kate. 

That book, called The Joy of Big Knickers, sees Kate tackle the big issues we can face as we reach midlife from menopause to pensions, ticking off a bucket list to turning to comfier underwear. 

Kate's always had fun with her co-presenters on screen, no matter the time of morning!

 “What I’ve come to think is far from mid-life being dull, this is actually a time of really explosive change. It’s a bit like puberty where we throw off what’s gone before and decide that maybe now’s the time to do things differently and have a new liberating section of life.”

So what will Kate be doing differently as she enters her 50th year this May? 

“I’m going to take more responsibility for the things that have long been plaguing me like constantly being tired and worrying a lot. I also want to make space in my life for enough silence, stillness and kindness. And silliness actually!”

Having had children relatively late in life, Kate says her children Darcey and William, are brilliant at reminding her how to be silly, have fun and just giggle. 

Kate with husband Derek Draper who she married in 2005

Kate with husband Derek Draper who she married in 2005

“My children love watching online videos and one day they called me up to show me this YouTube game called Chubby Bunny they were playing where you have to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can and try to say ‘chubby bunny’. 

“All I could think about was the fact I’d not done the washing and I wasn’t prepared for work. But they begged me to play it with them and so I did and we laughed like crazy. Then my husband Derek came in and we made him do it and he was almost sick. It was great to do something for absolutely no reason.

“Everything can get so serious when we get to middle age but letting yourself do utterly stupid things is so important I think.” Here, here. 

  • The Joy of Big Knickers is out now, rrp £14.99