Thank you for all your messages for Lynda

Thank you for all your messages for Lynda

After telling the sad news that our columnist Lynda Bellingham only has a short time left to live, we’ve had literally thousands of messages from Yours readers wishing her well. 

On behalf of Lynda we want to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent Lynda goodwill messages and prayers. She has been deeply moved by every message and card and wishes us to pass on her thanks.  

Although it would be impossible for her to respond to every single one, please be assured that she does value your support enormously. And she remarked recently how everywhere she goes she seems to run into Yours readers who encourage her.

As a magazine team we too, have been deeply moved by Lynda’s courage and are incredibly proud to have her as our columnist. In her new book There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You chronicling her cancer journey so far, Lynda mentions Yours no less than four times.

Below are some of the mentions from her book. We have repeated these messages not to blow our own trumpet, but because we want to let you know that Lynda values and appreciates you all very much. 

After her diagnosis in July last year, Lynda writes: “So over the following months I spent a good deal of the days answering all these wonderful letters, many from the readers of Yours magazine for whom I write a fortnightly column. Thank you again to everyone for your kindness and generosity, you made an old woman very happy!”

Talking about how we help publicise her charity work, she refers to us covering a project with supporter Katie Mallalieu (who nominated Lynda for her OBE) on a  2013 calendar in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. 

“...Yours magazine, who are always so loyal, also did a piece.”

And she mentions how much she enjoyed guest editing the 40th anniversary issue of Yours in August – soon after making her decision to stop chemotherapy in November. 

She writes: “Every time I think I am finished and I have been tossed aside, something comes up. I am also editing the celebration edition to mark 40 years of Yours magazine, which is great fun.”

Lynda, we all salute your incredible bravery and wish you well.

  • Lynda’s new book There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You (Coronet publishing) is out now.