Is Suranne Jones returning to Coronation Street?

Is Suranne Jones returning to Coronation Street?

We've been fond of Suranne Jones ever since she marched onto Coronation Street as bolshy Karen, and kept Steve McDonald on his toes. She's since gone on to do some hugely popular dramas, but we've always wondered what Karen McDonald would be up to all these years later, and it seems Suranne is just as curious.

The actress has recently admitted she'd love to return to the cobbles to confront on-screen hubby Steve (played by Simon Gregson) who has recently been a very naughty boy - getting another woman pregnant behind his partner's back. It seems he hasn't learn his lesson at all, as it's exactly the same thing he did to poor Karen back in 2003!

Suranne, 39, says she'd happily return to give Steve a piece of her mind, but only if it was for a charitable cause. 

"If it was for a good cause and we were going to raise a lot of money, I'd definitely consider it for Comic Relief," she said in an interview with The Sun. "I don't have time to keep up with Corrie but I'm friends with Jennie McAlpine and Antony Cotton so I do catch up. But I didn't know Steve had a baby - that is news to be and I am gobsmacked."

In 2003 Steve got Tracy Barlow pregnant despite being with Karen, and has now had a baby with Leanne Battersby behind Michelle Connor's back. Tut tut!


Dr Foster is coming back!

Suranne, who left Coronation Street back in 2004, is now awash with awards for her role of Dr Foster, and fans of the show will be delighted to discover there's currently a plan formulating for a third series of the gripping programme. 

In the meantime, we're really looking forward to her new thriller Save Me