Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson talk Love Punch

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson talk Love Punch

Q: How did The Love Punch come about for you?

Pierce: Emma and I met a while ago, on the set of Goldeneye. Then we kept bumping into each other... And thank heavens for Joel Hopkins. He gave us this beautiful, magical comedy.

Emma: We didn’t know we were going to do a comedy. We thought it would be something depressing about getting old! It’s interesting how anguished we all are about age. Then you realise that there’s so much brainwashing about how ‘there is only one age to be’, and how you can’t possibly be really alive unless you’re in that age group.

Pierce: But if you watch movies with Cary Grant, for example, he wasn’t a young man. And that trend is coming back slowly but surely with movies like this.

Emma: Meryl Streep is leading the way for us women, which is great; as well as Annette (Bening), and Judi Dench… So actually the situation is looking quite hopeful.

Q: Do you have a different approach to acting in a comedy compared to a drama? Is it harder?

Emma: Different muscles, I’d say.

Pierce: Completely. You have to be precise in comedy. In drama, you can hide behind pauses. But with comedy there’s the joke, the timing of the scene, and the position of one moment compared to the next.

Q: Why do you like working with each other?

Pierce: I’ve just always loved watching Emma on the screen. There’s accessibility in her performance, as well as vulnerability. She’s a unique woman and makes you feel good.

Emma: And Pierce, unlike a lot of other folks, hasn’t changed, despite becoming a big star. You could easily give into all that and believe that you’re better than everyone else, but he hasn't.

Q: What about love, and being loved? Did it feel better in your twenties, or is it more fun now?

Emma: No, love always feels great – whatever age you are.

Pierce: It’s what you want all the time as a performer, to be liked. In our job, we’re constantly judged, and it’s a challenge. Whereas, this film doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s unabashedly silly, romantic, and yet has a sign of the times about it.

Emma: I love that there’s silliness in it. Silliness is important in life, and we don’t ‘clown around’ as much as we should.

Q: The director has said he would love to see you together in another movie…

Pierce: Celia, Tim, Emma and myself have a few ideas. We have such a good time together, the four of us.

Emma: We did have a great time, but the audience will let us know if they want to see us together again. It’s up to the people who see it. They’ll make it very clear.


The Love Punch is available on Blu-ray and DVD on August 18

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