Jasper Carrott's shocking health scare

Jasper Carrott's shocking health scare

We were so surprised to hear about Jasper's most recent health problem that led to him undergoing life-saving surgery on his heart. 

The 73-year-old comedian thought the chest pains that he had suffered from for two years were simply a result of indigestion.  "I’d had it for a couple of years – I [just thought I] was getting old and it was indigestion. You put these things off."

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine, Jasper told the presenter about his health worry. "I was on holiday, I had something my wife was worried about, she phoned the doc, I went to see them, saw the cardiologist and he just went, ‘This is serious.’ The heart was good but the plumbing was blocked."

Jasper was forced to cancel his sell-out UK tour to undergo the life-saving quadruple heart bypass surgery, which has left him hoping to live for another 20 years! "I don’t feel that fantastically much better than I was. I was pretty good beforehand. But without a doubt it’s given me an extra 20 years of life or something."

After thinking it was nothing to worry about, Jasper admits it "came up and it was a bit of a shock." The comedian hopes his serious health scare will encourage others to go to the doctors if they are suffering with a health problem of their own, as he thought it was just indigestion that he had been suffering from for a "couple of years."